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Our Story


In 2017, on a chilly Christmas Eve in Northern Arizona, Grandma opened her front door to find a holiday wreath sitting at her doorstep. The wreath was covered in beautiful pine foliage and bright poinsettia flowers, yet lacked a gift tag so she could know who sent it to her. Her curiosity got the best of her, so she called up her daughters, neighbors, and old friends in an attempt to locate the sender. Each conversation was filled with joy and energy, spreading the spirit of gratitude to every person she spoke with while she was reminded of how truly appreciated she was by those around her.


Grandma was so filled with gratitude that someone sent her something special because they were thinking of her- making her feel seen, loved, and appreciated. Her joyous spirit was contagious to the people she called and she carried the emotion of gratitude with her for many days after. The anonymous gift was so much more than a wreath; it was a connection through gratitude that multiplied again and again every time she saw the wreath or spoke to someone new about it.

What Grandma showed us is that the spirit of gratitude holds incredible power. Even further, there is power in anonymous gifting so gratitude can be experienced in its purest form, without claiming credit and merely to express deep appreciation to others. This emotion should not be reserved just for the holidays, and it is so important to spread the feeling of appreciation for one another no matter the time of year. We wanted to capture this feeling and share it with the world.


We know our world has brokenness and shadows and would never shy from this truth, but it also has beauty, goodness, compassion, and gratitude, which all starts within all of us. People are our why because we know we - together - are the key to spreading gratitude and goodness to create a better world.

People are what matters most to us, and we want everyone to know just how loved, appreciated, seen, and heard they are, just as Grandma felt that chilly Christmas Eve.

We are the Davis family - a husband and wife committed to spreading gratitude into the world. We invite you to join us in our mission to help people feel more love, joy, and appreciation.

In gratitude,

Amanda + Spencer Davis

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