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Looking for the official gemstone of gratitude? Unfortunately, there isn't one. While there is an official symbol of gratitude, experts say there is not an official gemstone associated with gratitude. At Gratitude Gifted, we searched for the official gemstone of gratitude in Sedona, Arizona, and consulted with experts in the field, but to no avail. 

We discovered that the reason there is no official gemstone of gratitude is that gratitude is a universal emotion that can be found everywhere. All gemstones can be associated with gratitude because it is an emotion that is fluid and all-encompassing. Gratitude is positivity, love, joy, self-awareness, drive, and a cornerstone of happiness.

We finally realized there is not an official gemstone of gratitude because gratitude is so universal and can be found anywhere. Any and all gemstones can be associated with this beautiful emotion, because gratitude is so fluid and in all things. It is positivity, it is love, it is joy, it is self-awareness, it is drive, it is a cornerstone of happiness.


Here are some of our favorite gemstone crytstals and how they promote gratitude:

Tree Agate

Known for its calming and peaceful properties, Tree Agate helps the wearer focus on all they have to be grateful for and reminds them to calm their minds to better appreciate life's blessings.

Lava Stone

If you're looking for a stone that closely represents gratitude, Lava Stone is a beautiful choice. Lava Stone is a grounding stone, and encourages the wearer of this gemstone to ground themselves in gratitude every morning when they put this stone on. Our men's lava stone bracelet is a great way to use this stone for grounding yourself in gratitude.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the classic gemstone of love, and Rose Quartz helps cultivate self-love and love for others, focusing on their strengths and beauty, which lays the perfect foundation for practicing gratitude and showing love, appreciation, and kindness in life.


Amethyst is a calming gemstone that encourages the wearer to take a brief moment each day to reflect on all they have to be grateful for. This beautiful purple stone is a soft, peaceful stone for the wearer.


Turquoise is associated with renewal. A turquoise gemstone promotes gratitude for situations, people, hardships, and oneself. It also strengthens friendships, which aligns with our mission to gift gratitude and strengthen relationships.

We use these gemstones in our bracelets to remind the wearer of all they have to be grateful for and that they are appreciated. Gratitude should always be top of mind in order to continue spreading it to those we come in contact with, and as we continue to manifest more gratitude in our own lives. 

Do you have a favorite gemstone that represents gratitude to you? We would love to hear from you. You can email us any time at We truly believe in the power of connection to spread gratitude, and if you have anything to share with us, we would love to hear your stories of gratitude!

Spread Gratitude.

Change the world.

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