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Teachers are one of the most incredible gifts we have been given and do so much. My mom was a 2nd-grade teacher for years and I am so passionate about giving appreciation to teachers because they pour so much of themselves into children and families. I was always so in awe of what my mom did for children and know now more than ever, teachers deserve to be celebrated and lifted up every chance we get.

A teacher can be a teacher for children, a business mentor, a college professor, a trade school educator, or simply someone who helps you grow and evolve. Here are 5 ways to show them your gratitude! 


  1. Write a thank-you note

A handwritten note is one of the most simple yet powerful gestures of appreciation. Write a personalized message expressing your gratitude for a teacher's hard work, patience, and guidance. Share a way they made an impact on your life or the life of someone you love.

  1. Give a thoughtful gift

A thoughtful gift can be a great way to show appreciation, especially as a teacher's salary is nowhere near what it deserves to be. Consider something that aligns with their interests or needs, like something they can use in the classroom. For example, if your teacher is a book lover and reads out loud to the kiddos every Friday, you can gift them a book they have been wanting to read or a personalized bookmark with their name on it. 

  1. Share your positive feedback

One of the best ways to show appreciation is by sharing positive feedback with teachers. Let them know how their teaching has impacted you by telling them what you enjoy about their class or teaching style, how they have helped someone grow, and what they are doing to make a difference. This can be done in person or through an email so you can make sure your message is perfectly crafted and thorough! 

  1. Volunteer your time

Offering to help your teacher with tasks such as grading papers, setting up for class, or organizing events can be a great way to show appreciation while giving back. Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated and will help ease their workload.

     5. Donate to their classroom

Many teachers have to spend their own money to buy supplies and materials for their classroom which is really a shame. I remember my mom saving up to buy school supplies for her classroom, as many of her students came from impoverished communities. You can show your appreciation by donating supplies such as pens, papers, or books. You can also donate money to help them purchase resources that they need for their class.

Expressing your gratitude to a teacher doesn't have to be complicated, over-the-top, or expensive. A simple thank you note or positive feedback can go a long way in showing your teacher that you appreciate them! If you want to do a meaningful gesture of gratitude, that is always appreciated too.

How do you like to show appreciation to a teacher? Leave your thoughts in a comment - I love hearing from you! 


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