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Social media has become our highlight reel in every way. It allows us to showcase our personal victories, our best days, and our best selves. Filters, photoshop, and meticulously worded captions all contribute to the facade that life is perfect through a screen. We would never knock this, as social media has many benefits, too! However, we truly believe that there is so much more.

When Gratitude Gifted was formed, we set out to create an anonymous gifting experience. Anonymous gifting ensures all of the attention and focus is on the recipient, not the giver. We believe that by spreading gratitude anonymously, you are expressing gratitude in its purest form. 

Anonymous gifting has power. 

Here are a few of the reasons we believe anonymous gifting has power: 

  1. It increases your sense of connection to that person, even when they may not know it is you that sent them the gift. As you focus on that person, and celebrate all the good that they have to offer, you are strengthening your interconnectedness with them. 
  2. You are also releasing oxytocin into your brain as you selflessly act in gratitude towards that person, which strengthens the bond you have with the recipient chemically. 
  3. Anonymity ensures all of the attention is on the recipient. Our gifting experiences are designed to make someone feel appreciated and special, and allowing them to feel this emotion in a pure, complete way ensures they will feel the deepest sense of gratitude. 
  4. It offers a more quiet experience than one that is created with a more self centered motive. The gratitude experience will allow you to give graciously, humbly and for the sole purpose of being kind, 
  5. You will be filled with a priceless intrinsic reward. You have done something for someone knowing they are not going to pay you back, and you instead simply made their day. 

Please understand that we are not saying anonymous gifting is better per-say, but are instead stressing that anonymous gifting has power. While we love anonymous gifting, we also believe there is no wrong way to express gratitude! We encourage you to look for opportunities to express gratitude for those around you every single day. A thank you goes a long way, and gratitude has the power to change someone’s life.

Spread Gratitude.

Change the world.

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