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Our society is constantly seeking new ways to be productive with its time. Technology developments have given us self-driving cars, same-day meal services, to-do lists on our phones, and so much more to yield maximum productivity and results. Many people that are highly productive share similar habits, but we want to share a sneaky productivity hack to give you efficiently tackle everything that your day hands you. 


What secret hack could we possibly have to help boost our productivity? Gratitude! We already know that gratitude makes us happier, but did you know that happier people are also more productive? A study from the University of Warwick found that happier people are 12% more productive than the average individual. This was also found to be true of employees, too. 

Employees that rate themselves as happier were found to be more productive than the average employee after working the same amount of hours. Employees that were considered to be happier were 13% more productive than others as found by researchers from the Said Business Schools at the University of Oxford.

When you are engulfed with joy and passion, your soul is on fire. You want to create, you want to accomplish something and you want to use that happiness to make a change. Gratitude, as we know, is a key to unlocking personal happiness. We can think of gratitude as a tool to make us more productive in our daily lives as well as business. If you want to boost your productivity at work or home, implement a gratitude practice and increase your happiness.

Interestingly, research has found that the opposite is true: unhappy people are the least productive. According to Harvard Business Review, unhappy people are less productive than individuals who were found to be happy by about 18%. 

Gratitude creates a ripple effect in your life. When you practice being grateful, you feel happier. Happiness has been linked to many things aside from just being productive. Happiness decreases stress and anxiety, fosters stronger relationships, increased creativity, better decision-making, and so much more. Gratitude holds a key to these benefits.

We urge you to use the tool of gratitude to not only increase your productivity levels but above all, to change your life. This tool is more powerful than the sturdiest steel or sharpest blade! Gratitude can change your world, and when you find the power it has in your own life, you can share it with everyone around you to make a difference. If you are interested in learning more about gratitude, check out the official Symbol of Gratitude blog post!

Spread Gratitude.

Change the World.

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