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Gratitude, like any other function of your daily routine, is something that must be put into practice.

Forming a habit of writing in your gratitude journal daily will ensure that your gratitude journey is less of an obligation and more of a personal source of joy. To form a habit, researchers say you need a minimum of 21 days to get the practice down and turn it into a habit, and at least 90 days to make it a part of your routine.


We wanted to offer you 21 sparks for inspiration when it comes to your daily gratitude practice.

  1. Relationships: Who are you thankful for?
  2. Experience: What adventure was special to you this year?
  3. Emotions: What emotion caused you to grow recently?
  4. Memories: What memory from your childhood do you appreciate?
  5. Time: What lesson have you learned that only time could show you?
  6. Family: Why has family been impactful to you?
  7. Talents: What is something you do well?
  8. Passion: How does expressing yourself make you feel?
  9. Health: What are three functions of your body?
  10. Entertainment: What is a movie, a book or a show that has brought you joy?
  11. Achievement: What has been a personal victory for you lately?
  12. Communication: What conversation brought happiness this week?
  13. Employment: What good has come to your life from your job?
  14. Pets: How has an animal brought joy into your life?
  15. Food: What meal did you enjoy most this week, and why?
  16. Shelter: What makes you feel at home?
  17. Mistakes: What mistake helped you evolve personally?
  18. Freedom: What does freedom represent to you?
  19. Education: What growth has come from learning something new?
  20. Love: How have you seen love in your life this week?
  21. Human Kindness: How has someone shown you kindness this week? 

These are some starting topics you can reflect on as you start your gratitude journal, but find encouragement in knowing your gratitude is completely personal. Draw inspiration from your own life and allow yourself to feel joy from anything and everything around you. The beauty of your daily gratitude entries is that they can be anything you want them to be and there are not any limitations around what you can draw inner joy from in your life.

Challenge yourself to find gratitude in the mundane, in the routine, and in the simple things. There truly is something to be grateful for in every single part of our lives, even the quiet parts.

If you are wanting to read more about gratitude, check out this blog post on the symbol for gratitude!

Spread Gratitude.

Change the world.

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