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Gratitude plays a role in our personal lives in so many unique ways and is such a multi-dimensional emotion. One of the most incredible blessings in life is our relationships. Reflecting on the relationships we have in life is one of the pillars of things to be thankful for, but practicing gratitude in general actually helps build those relationships.

Gratitude strengthens our relationships in so many ways, but here are three of our favorite benefits of gratitude in our relationships, and the role it plays to strengthen the relationships we have in our lives.


Your conversations are more positive and meaningful, allowing your emotional connection to deepen. When you have a grateful heart, you focus less on complaining and the negatives of life. Your mood is lighter and you are filled with more joy, naturally. Joy leads to a more positive mindset, and a positive mindset yields positive conversations. 


Gratitude brings to light the importance of the person you are grateful for. When you recognize the worth of something, it is more precious to you. Most material possessions can be replaced, but relationships are unlike anything else. They are truly irreplaceable to us, and when we recognize this and how important each relationship is to us, the worth we place on that relationship is realized. A valuable relationship is one worth holding onto!


Gratitude is contagious-- and the relationship sends the appreciation right back to you.  The most beautiful thing about gratitude is that the emotion is a powerfully contagious one. When you show your gratitude and appreciation for someone with your actions, behavior, and words, they will respond in the same way. An environment of an emotion breeds a culture of that emotion, so if you create a dynamic where appreciation and positivity thrive, it becomes the norm.

We truly believe that when you spread gratitude, you change the world. By focusing on spreading gratitude in your relationships, you are actively working to foster the connection you have with people in your life. This can be done every single day, every time you connect with someone. How amazing would it be to approach a relationship with the intentional act of gratitude in the hopes of nurturing it?

We encourage you to practice gratitude in just one of your relationships this week and observe how it impacts that relationship. It can be with a friend, a sibling, a child, a romantic partner- no one is off-limits to the power of gratitude!

Spread Gratitude. 

Change the World.

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