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Gratitude is a long-term journey, and that means a lot of mental fortitude. The journey is lifelong. It poses challenges, and it allows us to grow in ways that are not always easy, taking grit, determination, and intention every step of the way. The gratitude journey is the conscious decision to seek self-improvement through joy, and hold ourselves to a higher standard, recognizing that we are blessed beyond measure, and want to internally serve ourselves by being kind to ourselves. It is kind of a strange idea that gratitude is something to be practiced, to pour effort into, and intentionally seek out. 

One of the truths of life is that hardships are always going to arise, and they may bring sorrow, but they ultimately bring progress, often in more ways than one. This said, we must practice gratitude in all circumstances, happy or sad, positive or negative, mundane or exciting, and easy or difficult. Did you know there are actual internal health benefits to gratitude? Here are four unique gratitude health benefits that you have to look forward to!

Your Social Health

Gratitude provides your relationships with fuel. When you appreciate someone, you can’t help but show it with words and actions, usually without even thinking about it. You long for more time with them, you find yourself putting them before you, you remind them how important they are to you, and you express love to them more often. Appreciation is not only strengthened for this person, but you can learn it and grow it. In return, your relationships are strengthened, bringing your bond with another person to a deeper level.

Your Mental Health

There are many positive mental side effects from practicing gratitude. You feel happiness above all, but you also feel calmness, optimism, energy, kindness, patience, and connection with others. Most importantly, it fosters self-love, and you will find that being your own best friend, supporter, and cheerleader is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Your Physical Health

A grateful heart translates into less anxiety and stress, especially when it is sourced from things outside of your control. Ultimately, this is a feeling of happiness and joy. We know how harmful stress can be on the body, and the toll it takes on our bodies physically. Combat that stress by practicing gratitude. Stress and anxiety cannot always be melted away, but this practice is sure to ease some of the negative feelings brought on by these damaging emotions.

Your Happiness Health

Have you ever found yourself watching a video on Facebook about someone who was in a tough spot, and someone else took the initiative to do something good for them in a viral-worthy way? In the video, both parties are expressing gratitude for this experience, and in turn, you find yourself feeling warm and fuzzy, too. This happiness is a direct result of gratitude, and practicing gratitude on a daily basis will help you achieve joy more often. Joy is not something that always comes easy, and it is something to be strived for, but so worth it when it is earned and practiced. 

    Gratitude will benefit you every day for the rest of your life. It will improve your quality of life in ways you will not be able to measure, but will be able to feel. Use gratitude to unlock the happiness that is within you, and change your world from the inside out.

    If there is someone you want to share your gratitude with, send them a gratitude gift today!


    Spread Gratitude.

    Change the World.

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