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Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness with the people we love the most, like our close friends and family. It is a time to recognize the many things we have to be grateful for and is a holiday that truly represents the spirit of gratitude and celebrates it in its entirety. We want to inspire you to spend a little extra time together with your family with our Thanksgiving gratitude craft ideas and games for kids and families. These are easy ways to get kids and your family excited about gratitude and help all of us recognize the things we have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. 


Print out a tree-shaped printable online along with ten or fifteen leaf cut-out printables. Give a few to your family members and fill the leaves with all the things that you feel gratitude for this Thanksgiving. Assemble the tree and read them out loud to share the memories or feelings of thankfulness! This is the perfect thing to hang on the fridge all year to serve as a reminder of your blessings. 

If you are feeling extra inspired, you can use a real or artificial mini leaves and create a beautiful decoration to display during the holidays, too. 

Painted Rocks of Gratitude  

Find a few plain stones, clean and rinse them thoroughly, and use them to decorate with what you are grateful for! Give everyone in your home a rock to decorate with the things they are most grateful for. 

You can also use the painted rocks as a placeholder for your Thanksgiving meal, or display them on your front steps.

Create a Thankfulness Wreath 

A wonderful way to display what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving is by creating a wreath! The wreath can greet everyone who comes to your home with a warm welcome of gratitude and be displayed all through the holidays. All you need is a wire wreath frame and a bag of clothespins. You can also spruce your wreath up with paints and fall decorations to give it some fall flair. 

Each member of your family can take turns writing something they are thankful for on a clothespin, and pinning it to the wire wreath frame. Keep going until the wreath is full, and display it in your home or on the front door! 

Play a Gratitude Game 

If a craft is not ideal for your family, you can play a gratitude game as a family and get a conversation of thankfulness going! Playing the game is simple. You gather a pack of colored pick-up sticks and draw one stick from the pile. Each stick has a category assigned to it to represent what you are grateful for. You can also play this with candy, like Starbucks or Skittles, for a more delicious twist on the game after you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner! 

Participate in a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt 

Another game your family can play together that focuses on gratitude is a gratitude scavenger hunt! A gratitude scavenger hunt can be a great way to identify things in the home that you can celebrate being grateful for all year round! 

If you have any other Thanksgiving gratitude crafts or games, please share them with us and our community in the comments below! We love hearing unique and classic ways that families can come together to express their gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We are so grateful for you, and for all that you do to make the world better and brighter.



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