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It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. I don't know about you, but so often I find myself so focused on my own day and responsibilities that I forget to take a moment to appreciate what matters most - the people around us. I once heard a saying that said you have to be a friend to have friends and it stuck with me. It has inspired me to write gratitude letters to all of my closest friends (and family!) and I want to share with you how to write a gratitude letter of your own.

Expressing gratitude is a powerful emotion that can not only improve our well-being but also strengthen our relationships with others! 

A gratitude letter is a written expression of thanks to someone you love, are friends with, or someone who has made a positive impact on your life or you look up to. It can be a way to acknowledge someone's hard work, kindness, support, or just who they are as a person. You can send a gratitude letter to family, friends, co-workers, mentors, or even strangers! 


  1. Start by identifying the person or people you want to thank. Who has made a positive impact on your life recently?

  2. Think about the specific actions or qualities that you want to acknowledge. What did the person do that you are grateful for?

  3. Be really specific to paint the picture of gratitude. Instead of writing "I appreciate all that you do," write "I appreciate the extra time you spend listening to me because it makes me feel seen - that is truly a gift of yours." Really dig into the why! 

  4. Be sincere and heartfelt in your writing. Avoid using overly formal language or clichés - you want the letter to be in your voice and feel genuine! 

  5. Send it by signing your name or leave it completely anonymous to leave the person guessing about who could have sent the letter.


Here are some things you can include in your letter of appreciation:

  1. A clear and specific expression of gratitude: Your letter should let that person know exactly why you are grateful for them and how it impacted you or others. 

  2. Specific examples: Use specific examples or share a special memory to illustrate your gratitude, rather than making general statements. This will help to make the letter more meaningful and touch their heart that much more.

  3. Sincerity and heartfelt language - but in your own voice: The letter should be sincere and heartfelt, and should express your genuine feelings of appreciation. Speak from the heart!! 

  4. A call to action: Encourage them to write their own gratitude letter or tell someone else they are grateful for them!! Gratitude should be passed on and spread to everyone.

Sending a gratitude letter is a powerful gift for not only the receiver of the letter but it is also a gift for you. Notice how writing the letter makes you feel. Does it increase your feelings of love or fondness toward that person? Does it boost your own feelings of gratitude? What emotions did you experience when you were writing?

Gratitude is truly a gift for everyone. And if you rather send a gratitude gift instead of a letter, you can send one with us! 


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