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Since launching Gratitude Gifted, we have had the privilege of hearing stories of how gratitude plays a role in the lives of people who practice it. We have heard how it has grounded people, touched people, and transformed people. We are truly continuously inspired by you!

People are the foundation of everything that drives us at Gratitude Gifted, and we believe that gratitude has the power to change people's lives, which is why we are so passionate about sharing content on how to pursue a more grateful heart. We are so grateful that you chose to share your stories of gratitude with us. These stories come from men and women with diverse backgrounds from all across the country, with unique passions, backgrounds, and goals. The beautiful common thread that unites these people and their stories is their gratitude. People from all different backgrounds can find gratitude in their lives no matter the cards they are dealt. There is a secondary thread that links these stories. All of these story-sharers have both masculine and feminine energy. 

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy are interdependent. This means that one cannot exist without the other, and we are all composed of both masculine and feminine energy. They are not based on our genders, but rather what makes us unique, and what drives us. These energies guide how we feel, think, act, and communicate. They play a key role in our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves. We all have a more dominant, driving energy inside of us. 


Let's explore the feminine energy first since our society tends to undervalue the importance of this side of all of us. The feminine energy is the side of us that focuses on emotion. It is thought of as our “being energy”, and leans into feelings, nurturing, and vulnerability. Feminine energy is more creative and playful and can be experienced through things like dance, art, going with the flow, and noticing the details.


Masculine energy can be thought of a little differently. It is the energy that takes action, and can be considered our “doing energy” since it consists of leadership, power, and strength. Societally, this energy is the one that is glorified over the feminine, yet they are both crucial in our lives. In order for us to understand ourselves, we have to understand how this energy plays a role in our self-love, connections, and communication.


The feminine energy allows us to have connection with others. It opens us to intimacy and vulnerability, and most importantly, to love. This energy helps us develop self-love and deeper relationships with others. The relationships can be both friendships and our romantic relationships. The masculine energy plays a role in our connection to others and self, too. It allows us to seize what we want and does not stop until we get it. It is the driving force in our actions and when we have our minds set on something, the masculine energy helps us get there.

Every single one of us - you reading this, the person three houses down, the person going to bed halfway across the world - all have both masculine and feminine energy. Some of us simply have a stronger presence of one versus the other. How can we use our masculine feminine energy in gratitude?

We can harness feminine energy to feel empathy and appreciation for others, and also focus on the power of gratitude. Tony Robbins has a wonderful quote that says, “Whatever you consistently think about and focus upon, you move toward.” That quote captures the beauty of a gratitude practice and why focusing on our gratitude is so important. If we are consistently tapping into our feminine energy to feel gratitude and nurture that practice, we can grow that spirit inside of us so much faster and with ease. We can use our masculine energy to step up as a leader and actively work to make gratitude our personal mission. We have the power to spread it to every single person we come in contact with if we so choose. 

We all have both the masculine and feminine energy inside of us and we can use both of these energies to not only practice gratitude in our own lives but spread it to everyone we come in contact with.  Gratitude is a reflection of our hearts and gives us the ability to be grateful to have these driving factors in our lives to keep us connected and push us to take action. 

If you are looking to strengthen your own gratitude practice and are new to gratitude, we have a FREE gratitude journal we would love to share with you!

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