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How often do you spend time in nature?

Nature is filled with beauty. All over the world, nature displays its beauty. Whether it is a mossy forest, a shimmering ocean, a rocky desert, a frosty mountain, or even the city park down the street, nature fills us with joy and awe.

Psychologists are finding more and more that time spent in nature is good for our mental health and well-being. We can all agree that some time spent admiring the beauty in the natural world simply makes us feel good. Nature helps us forget about the stress and the busyness, brings us back down to earth, and reminds of us what is important in life. How can we look at the endless stars in the sky without remembering that life is precious, that everything we have is a blessing?

If you want to find more joy in nature, but don’t know where to start, or if you need reminding to be grateful for how precious life is, try watching out for some of these things next time you’re outside.

Here are 23 ways that nature’s beauty can inspire joy.

1. A full moon rising in the sky.

2. Hearing birds chirping in the forest.

3. Waterfalls that are only present during a summer rain.

4. Deer silently walking by at dusk.

5. Sunlight peeking through the clouds after a storm.

6. Curious squirrels coming up to you at the park.

7. Reaching the summit of a long hike.

8. Diving head first into a cold lake.

9. Watching bees pollinate flowers.

10. Going for a run in the rain.

11. Wildflowers spreading over the landscape in spring.

12. Climbing a big tree.

13. Seeing the sunset turn the clouds pink and purple.

14. Listening to the waves at the beach.

15. Watching the sunrise from a mountain top.

16. Laying in the grass on a sunny day.

17. Catching falling snow in your mouth.

18. Feeling sand between your toes.

19. Leaves changing color in the fall.

20. Seeing your houseplant grow and thrive.

21. The excitement of your dog on a hike.

22. Snow on mountain peaks in winter.

23. Wilderness as far as the eye can see.

Nature’s beauty is all around us.

It is hard not to feel grateful when we are filled with joy in so many ways. Nature is everywhere and the ways that nature can make us feel good are endless, so try seeking out things that bring you joy in nature. Start with spending some time outside reflecting on what you are grateful for, keeping your eyes and ears open to the beauty surrounding you. You might just find that there are so many more than only 23 ways that nature sparks joy in you.

How does nature inspire gratitude in you? We would love to have you share your experiences with us! Leave a comment on this post or email us at


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