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Thank you to Karen F. for sharing her gifting story and how she made some of her friends' day with the power of gratitude. This amazing Gratitude Gifted video review truly captures how powerful gratitude is, especially when it is shared anonymously. 

"They had no idea who it was from but each of them let me know they received this bracelet, how much it meant to them, and every single one of them said they started crying."

Imagine how amazing it would be to hear the story of their experience from a friend, not knowing that it was you who gifted to them! Not only did Karen love gifting to her dear friends, but she enjoyed the power of gratitude so much that she shopped for herself and purchased a Handwoven Bracelet, too! 

Gratitude is so powerful, and we are so appreciative that Karen took some time to share this with us. We would love to hear from you, too! Please share your gratitude story with us at

Spread Gratitude. 

Change the World.

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