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If you're looking to say thank you in a way that is not only meaningful but intentional, we would love to help you send a gratitude gift to someone you appreciate. Nothing says thanks quite like sending an intentional gift that is filled with gratitude and care.

Sharing your gratitude can be as simple as saying thank you but sometimes the extra effort and intention can go a long way. Gift giving as a way to show appreciation holds power and gifts that come in a box are a convenient way to take the stress of gift wrapping out of the experience as the sender.


Our custom packaging has been intentionally designed as a full unboxing experience to leave the recipient breathless and filled with the warmth of gratitude. The boxes were designed to be minimal and clean on the outside so that the recipient gets to experience a surge of joy when they open the box to a burst of color.

If you feel called to send a gratitude or thank you gift, we would love to help you do it! There is nothing more powerful than the emotion of gratitude.

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If you are looking to tell someone that you are grateful for them by sending them a gratitude gift, we would love to help you do exactly that. You can purchase any item from our gratitude gift collection, including hand-poured soy blend candles, our best-selling vegan leather journal, or bracelets hand-stamped with the symbol of gratitude

Our gratitude bracelets all utilize this symbol to remind the wearer that they are appreciated and valued every time they put it on. It also can be a powerful way to ground someone in the spirit of gratitude and serve as a tool to spark appreciation as it is seen throughout the day. There is so much beauty all around and so many good things happening - sometimes we just need to focus the mind a bit to savor and appreciate those things.

gratitude bracelet


Gratitude and gift-giving can truly go hand-in-hand. Self-care essentials or small inexpensive items are always a great go-to when you are looking to say thank you with a gift and can work for both men and women depending on their interests. If you're looking for a list of gifts to show appreciation, here are our top 25 favorite ideas:

  1. Relaxing bath essentials, like oils or lotion
  2. Inspirational quote book for a coffee table
  3. Soothing natural candles
  4. Create a basket for movie night treats, including popcorn and candy
  5. A small wind chime to hang in the backyard
  6. A homemade baked good, like chocolate chip cookies
  7. A 'coupon' for a creative way to enjoy quality time, like a movie night, a cooking class, or 20 minute back rub
  8. Puzzles or a game for a family game night
  9. A succulent or miniature bonsai tree with a cute pot
  10. Gratitude journal
  11. A snuggly blanket
  12. Your favorite bag of coffee or matcha
  13. A ceramic trinket bowl to hold something they love
  14. A Polaroid camera to capture some memories 
  15. A personalized or silly coffee mug
  16. A unique teacup
  17. A watch holder
  18. Bath bombs or shower steamers
  19. Adult coloring books and a set of gel pens
  20. Gratitude bracelet for men or women
  21. Barcart minis
  22. Essential oils and a diffuser 
  23. Hair clips and a good hair mask
  24. A copy of your favorite book and a bookmark
  25. An arts and crafts set

These creative gratitude gifts are sure to put a smile on their face and let them know they are deeply loved, cherished, and appreciated. Depending on if the gift is for a friend, coworker, family member, girlfriend or boyfriend, or a new neighbor, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list! Gratitude truly is contagious - and it starts with us. Saying thank you is a beautiful first step in showing someone they are appreciated but a thoughtful gift in a box can take it one step further in letting them know just how grateful for them you are! 

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