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Over 80 million Livestrong bracelets have been sold all around the world. Livestrong bracelets offered those who bought them the chance to spread cancer awareness. They were a classic yellow rubber band that were found on wrists all across the globe. Launched in 2004 by Nike in partnership with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the bracelets were intended to improve the lives of cancer survivors and those affected by cancer. While they are no longer manufactured, at the height of their popularity, they served as a powerful, vibrant reminder for the support of cancer patients. They are still worn and recognized to this day. This is the power of a bracelet.

Another incredible example is the WWJD bracelet. In the 1990’s alone, it is estimated that 52 million WWJD bracelets were sold. The WWJD bracelet serves as a reminder of the acronym 'What Would Jesus Do' for religious groups. People still wear these bracelets to this day.

These bracelets both have something in common. They serve as reminders for a bigger message, a greater purpose, and a cause that is important to you. There is power in seeing a bracelet every day and being reminded of a cause that is important to you.

This is our hope for you every time you see your gratitude bracelet. We hope you wear your gratitude bracelet as an everyday reminder to practice gratitude, to remind you of all you have to be grateful for, and most importantly, to spread gratitude to those around you. If you gifted your bracelet, the recipient will feel the same way and will feel encouraged every time they wear it that someone is grateful for them.

Gratitude Gifted Bracelets 

Our two signature gratitude bracelet styles are our ethically sourced gemstone bracelets and our handmade braided bracelets. They are all handmade by artisans with extreme care and love. We intentionally selected gemstones that would tie into gratitude, and use the symbol of gratitude on every bracelet stamped on solid 925 sterling silver. We want to share with you exactly how gratitude fits into each bracelet and why we select the gemstones we use for our signature bracelets. 

We have two men's gemstone bracelets, Tree Agate and Lava Stone, and three women's bracelets, Amethyst, Turquoise, and Rose Quartz. Our hand-tied bracelets are all unisex and use solid sterling silver on the charm bead as well.

Tree Agate is known for peace and calm. A calm heart can sift through the stresses of everyday life to focus on all they have to be grateful for. This gemstone will serve as a gentle reminder to focus on calming your mind to focus on the blessings you have in life.

Lava Stone is a grounding stone and encourages the wearer of this gemstone to ground themselves in gratitude every morning when they put this stone on. Being grounded in a mindset of gratitude allows you to see your world through grateful eyes no matter where your day takes you.

Rose Quartz is the classic gemstone of love. A loving heart is a grateful heart! This gemstone will allow the wearer to cultivate more love for themselves and others, focusing on the strengths and beauty of the people they come in contact with every day. By focusing on self-love and love, you will create the perfect foundation for practicing gratitude and show love, appreciation, and kindness in your life. 

Amethyst is used for calming. When you are at peace within yourself, you can focus more easily on everything you have to be thankful for in your life. The wearer of this gemstone is encouraged to choose to slow down for a brief moment each day and reflect on everything they have to be grateful for with a clear, calm mind and heart.

Turquoise is associated with renewal. Gratitude allows you to renew your view on situations, people, hardships, and yourself, and lean into thankfulness when you focus on that situation. Turquoise also promotes friendships, and our wish for gifting gratitude is a strengthened relationship with yourself and the recipient.

Our hand-tied braided bracelets are a perfect piece to wear every single day to serve as a reminder that you are appreciated, and you have so much to be grateful for in life. These bracelets are all lovingly made by Artisans all over the world, and use a solid sterling silver charm, stamped with the official symbol of gratitude. 

We hope that every time you wear and see your gratitude bracelet, you feel the power behind it. You are loved, valued, appreciated, and seen, and we hope that you feel that every single day when you see your bracelet. 

Spread Gratitude. 

Change the World.


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